Discover Costa Rica By sea

A Costa Rica that begins where all the roads end...

ETERNIA: without a beginning, without an end, and forever…

Eternia Voyages is a small ship experience like no other. We don’t just visit Costa Rica; this is our home, and we welcome you to it. We explore our most remote and spectacular locations accessible by sea aboard our ship ISLAND SPIRIT.

 With 15 staterooms and 30 passenger capacity, it’s a comfortable and solid vessel designed to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. You will discover a lesser known and more authentic Costa Rica made up of nature, beaches, wildlife and the immensity of the horizon; a Costa Rica that begins where all the roads end.

We pride ourselves on providing a true Costa Rican experience, a taste of what Costa Rica is all about; from its culture, its history, its food, and of course the natural landscape we will be exploring. And yes, we explore. We will be cruising not so much to get to a destination but to seek an adventure. Looking for the prefect spot to catch the sunset, the most secluded beaches, the most pristine waters to go for a swim or paddle, the most diverse hikes, and of course wildlife. At the end of the day, we will strive to make sure you don’t just visit Costa Rica, we want you to leave with a sense of place, a deeper understanding and respect for this amazing country that we proudly call home.
Eternially grateful…

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How to book

With over 40% of Costa Rica’s visitors coming from the USA, we knew we needed to have the right partner to cater to this market. We know how to operate, and how to offer amazing experiences, however we wanted to make sure our customers had the best support when booking a trip so we turned to one of the most recognized and respected travel agents in the US specializing in small ship cruising: USA RIVER CRUISES.

With over 30 years dedicated to successfully organizing small cruise ship adventures for thousands of satisfied customers we knew we had found a partner that shared our values, our passion, and our commitment to a superb customer experience. 

USA RIVER cruises is our exclusive sales representative for the US and Canada and we couldn’t be happier. 

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